Garden Patios & New Driveways in Tunbridge Wells | TP Resin Driveways

There are a number of surfacing contractors who will be vying for your business if you’re looking to invest in garden patios or new driveways in the Tunbridge Wells area. Sometimes, your decision is almost made for you, should you be solely interested in gravel driveways, for example; a gravel specialist simply makes more sense than a general builder. The same goes if you’re specifically interested in block paving patios, or tarmac driveways. It pays to use a company specialising in these particular features, such as TP Resin Driveways. While general builders take on all sorts of different projects, we’ve honed in on these areas and the result is an unrivalled standard of workmanship and project management.

But let’s say you’ve been browsing around and found a few different surfacing contractors who may each say they’re the right choice for your project, claiming, as we’re known to at TP Resin Driveways, that their gravel driveways, block paving garden patios or tarmac driveways are the best of the bunch. Well, you’ll have to put their pledges to the test!

To show you just how we look to separate ourselves from the crowd, we’ve here run over some of the most common reasons clients choose our surfacing contractors for new driveways and garden patios in Tunbridge Wells.

Why Choose TP Resin Driveways?

Experience – We have nearly two decade’s experience constructing garden patios and new driveways in and around Tunbridge Wells. Over this time we’ve mastered the techniques and tools required to create stunning, long-lasting landscaping features, built strong local supply chains, and learned how to ensure clients have wonderful experiences, whether they’ve brought us in to build tarmac driveways, gravel driveways, a winding block paving path, or garden patios.

Guarantees – Did you know that all the projects TP Resin Driveways completes in Tunbridge Wells are covered by a two year guarantee on workmanship? What’s more, all manufacturer warranties on materials used are upheld, to ensure that in the extremely rare case that something does go wrong, you’re covered. We think peace of mind is important when you’re investing in home improvements like the addition of block paving garden patios, gravel driveways and tarmac driveways.

Bespoke Work – It’s sad to see but some surfacing contractors “phone in” their work. You see it on some properties around Tunbridge Wells: bland, generic, often “forced” installation of fairly new driveways and garden patios. That’s not how we do things at TP Resin Driveways. You can expect us to go to great lengths to build a fantastic feature that perfectly matches your property, adding value and creating a sense of aesthetic coherence.

Rightly convinced the surfacing contractors at TP Resin Driveways are the right choice to handle installation of your new driveways or garden patios in Tunbridge Wells? Give us a call on 01892 327833 or 07817 807893.