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Most of our website, in one way or another, details how individuals in Tonbridge and its surrounds can invest in their outdoor environments; from dedicated pages on resin bond driveways, gravel driveways and tarmac driveways, to sections on block paving, garden patios, and the more general aspects of customer service which our surfacing contractors pride themselves on, one thing we can’t be accused of is not going into detail!

But on this page, the focus is on how extra features, which aren’t necessarily built in “as standard” to the hard landscaping services we provide, e.g construction of new driveways and garden patios around Tonbridge. Without further ado…

Ideas for Further Improvements to Outdoor Environments in Tonbridge

Out of Sight, Out of Mind – There are certain elements found to both the front and back of Tonbridge homes which don’t exactly provide a contribution on the aesthetic front…. Quite the opposite in fact! One example is waste bins. You can spend a lot of time and money beautifying outdoor spaces, through the introduction of block paving garden patios, gravel driveways, tarmac driveways or resin bond driveways, for example. So why not go the extra mile and use freestanding planters, trellises or lattice screens to keep them tucked away?

Outdoor Structures – Another means of de-cluttering an outdoor space is by introducing a small shed or similar outbuilding for storage. On larger driveways, small and clever storage solutions can also be implemented to keep bikes, scooters and other such items for easy, yet secure access. However, complementing garden patios and the new driveways our surfacing contractors have just built at your Tonbridge residence, by keeping them clear of bulky items and clutter, is just one side of how an outdoor structure can aid you. These days, we hear there’s an increasing demand for home offices and creative studios… Well worth considering, we’d say.

Dressing the Window – There’s something that feels quintessentially English about the window box, especially ones featuring attractive wildflowers, or tastefully curated combinations of anything from iris to chrysanthemum. They’re also a great way to add further character both to block paving garden patios sitting below kitchen windows, and gravel driveways, tarmac driveways or resin bond driveways at the front of the property. Sometimes a splash of colour is all these features need to take them to another level, which a nuanced and appreciate eye will certainly notice!

But these are just a tri of ideas that our surfacing contractors often throw out to Tonbridge clients looking to go the extra mile when beautifying and improving their outdoor spaces. How you’ll go about the task – well… that’s up to you! If you still need to actually have new driveways or garden patios installed, why not contact TP Resin Driveways today to discuss your project?

Contact the surfacing contractors at TP Resin Driveways to discuss your ideas for improving your outdoor space on 01892 327833 or 07817 807893.