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Most of our website, in one way or another, explains how property owners in Tonbridge and its surrounding areas can invest into an outdoor environment. From dedicated pages about resin bond driveways, gravel driveways and tarmac driveways, to sections on block paving, garden patios and the more general aspects of our services, the one thing we can never be accused of is not going into detail about what we can do for you as surfacing contractors.

TP Resin Driveways Ltd operates as a local and regional specialist.

On this page, a focus is put on the extra features which aren’t always built in as standard but still bring out the best in new driveways and garden patios.

Improving Outdoor Environments in Tonbridge

Tonbridge has long been a key service area for TP Resin Driveways Ltd and a massive contributor to our excellent reputation is strong communication. This can relate to our explanation of the job and what we will do for you once we are onsite, or it can pertain to extra work that adds value to a project.

When it comes to new driveways and garden patios, we take the client on a journey where the destination is a pristine outdoor space.

Out of Sight – Out of Mind

There are elements found to the front and the rear of Tonbridge homes which don’t provide a contribution to the aesthetic. In fact, the opposite is often the case. One example is waste bins. You can spend time and money creating an outdoor space by introducing garden patios in block paving, or with one of our gravel driveways, tarmac driveways or resin bond driveways,

Go the extra mile and use freestanding planters, trellises or lattice screens to keep unsightly bins tucked away. Alternatively, have brickwork added to a garden to create a hiding space for general waste and recycling bins.

Outdoor Structures

Another way to declutter outdoor space is to introduce a small shed or similar outbuilding for storage. On some driveways in Tonbridge, and even with one of our garden patios based on the design, small, clever storage solutions can be implemented to store bikes, scooters and other such items safely but with easy access should you want to take them out and use them for pleasure.

Complementing the driveways and patios built by our surfacing contractors keeps the installation clear of clutter. Positioned next to gravel driveways, tarmac driveways and resin bond driveways, garden buildings blend in with the surface material beautifully because timber is both natural and stylish.

Dressing the Window

There is something quintessentially English about window boxes, especially if a theme contains attractive wildflowers or tastefully curated combinations of anything from a chrysanthemum to an iris. Dressing is a great way to add more character to block paving, garden patios and new driveways which sit below kitchen windows. TP Resin Driveways Ltd can advise on different ways to complement a garden and can even assist with extra installation work.

With gravel driveways, tarmac driveways and resin bond driveways sat at the front of a Tonbridge property. a splash of colour is all these features need to take them to another level that more appreciative eyes will always notice.

These are just a few ideas that our surfacing contractors often put out to help Tonbridge clients who are looking to go the extra mile when beautifying and improving an outdoor space. How you deal with additions is up to you but if you want garden patios or new driveways installed, TP Resin Driveways Ltd can offer any extra advice needed prior to starting your project.

Call us now to arrange a survey, consultation and quotation. We have years of experience in resin, gravel, tarmac, natural stone and block paving.

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