New Driveways and Garden Patios in Haywards Heath | First Impressions Count

Even without any bells and whistles, new driveways and garden patios can make a huge impact on a property. These installations make the approach to a home far more welcoming and easier on the eye, and your garden space more cohesive and functional. Trading as surfacing contractors for the Haywards Heath area, TP Resin Driveways Ltd will go above and beyond to manage projects with our own blend of passion, pride and professionalism.

We specialise in resin bound and resin bond driveways, but our team can lay gravel driveways and tarmac driveways too. If you have a taste for modern block paving, we can use this material to build driveways and garden patios.

Here, we offer some handy tips for making the front or rear of your Hayward Heath property look a little more special because first impressions count.

We are about so much more than just resin driveways.

Creating Fantastic First Impressions in a Garden Space

In the context of making a property more appealing to passers-by or even to a potential buyer, curb appeal is everything. TP Resin Driveways Ltd and the surfacing contractors on our team can complement new driveways and garden patios in a series of ways. We want you to express creative freedom and to make your Haywards Heath home one that makes you feel proud.

The following tips can work wonders for curb appeal.

Catch and Direct the Eye

One way in which our Haywards Heath clients can elevate outdoor space is by using additional features such as carefully positioned decorative fencing, trellises, planting areas and hedges to guide the eye, leading to and framing core features within a garden. You can do the same with lighting and walls, which can frame and complement our hard landscaping installations.

Think of winding block paving or gravel driveways with lanterns guiding visitors on foot to your doorway, or tarmac driveways with colourful borders and a few floral elements to establish a less monochromatic scheme.

Resin bond driveways with offsetting brickwork can also work well.

Privacy Without Compromise

Some people think that to create a sense of privacy in the garden, they need to surround it by high panel fencing that blots out the sun but there are other ways to shut out prying eyes and create a combined feeling of security and comfort without sacrificing the aesthetics of the garden. Some examples that TP Resin Driveways Ltd has seen work fantastically on properties in Haywards Heath include the use of trellis fencing and well-placed garden plants.

These work especially well around new driveways and garden patios.

Balance and Function

It is not uncommon, when investing into new driveways or patios, to get a bit carried away and choose expensive, high-end materials which, in truth, may prove somewhat difficult to care for. Likewise, choosing a design that is stylish but overboard can be distracting. The surfacing contractors here at TP Resin Driveways Ltd recommend that Haywards Heath residents find a fine balance between form and function, a combination that impresses a would-be buyer.

Some materials need more time and money spent to keep them at their best.

Keeping things simple usually does more for the balance of a garden so, if garden patios in block paving need a little more dazzle, or if one of our gravel driveways, tarmac driveways or resin bond driveways needs to be a touch more decorative, less is often more so stick with some basic additions.

Our surfacing contractors can advise clients in Haywards Heath on the best ways to complement a hardscape without overdoing things.

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