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When investing into new driveways or garden patios, especially if designed and installed by the professional surfacing contractors at TP Resin Driveways Ltd, many East Grinstead residents like to implement extra features that can enhance the new look of their hardscape. On this page, we discuss some of the most popular ideas we have seen in action, all of which can work well with block paving driveways, gravel driveways, tarmac driveways and our ever-popular resin bound and resin bond driveways.

Many of these ideas work equally well with patios.

If you need some design inspiration to leave your property in East Grinstead bursting with curb appeal, this page should be of considerable help to you.

Garden Patios and New Driveways in East Grinstead

Having an installation undertaken is one thing. How you choose to blend in other features with new driveways and garden patios owes as much to you and your imagination as it does to the skills of our surfacing contractors. If you have creative ideas on how to add to a hardscape, we want to hear them.

The opinions of our East Grinstead clients matter to us.

Decorative Edges

To finish new driveways and patios to a high standard, allow the team at TP Resin Driveways Ltd to develop your ideas with edging, which is used on the project across the front or rear garden space to separate lawns and planting schemes. Edging creates a real feeling of cohesion and leaves the layout of landscaping schemes around East Grinstead in an orderly fashion.

Our surfacing contractors can discuss edges and restraints during your initial consultation, where we also survey the site and produce a quotation.

Shine The Light

You can also be creative by implementing fun and practical lighting solutions around garden patios, or to light up new driveways installed by our surfacing contractors. In the case of patios, it will be easier for you to get out and enjoy your garden when the sun shines. With driveways, it becomes much simpler to approach your property on foot or in a vehicle once the darker hours set in.

We light up block paving installations in East Grinstead, as well as new gravel driveways, tarmac driveways, resin bond driveways and more.

Outdoor Dining

Adding dining furniture onto new driveways is not recommended but when it comes to the garden patios laid by our surfacing contractors in the East Grinstead area, outdoor dining and relaxation go hand in hand. Many of our clients find that they are suddenly far more likely to get out into the open air to enjoy alfresco meals, or to catch up with family and friends while having a deserved cup of tea (or even something a little stronger at the weekend).

Decking out patios with some appropriate furniture will bring the indoors and outdoors of a home together as one for you to relax and enjoy.

Trellises and Planters

New driveways and garden patios can be complemented by introducing an exciting splash of greenery such as climbing plants, flowers, shrubs and trees. Incorporating trellises and planters helps to keep sight lines clear while giving you dedicated spaces to flex your green thumb. They can also provide extra contrast to hard materials like block paving, and the various types of natural stones our East Grinstead surfacing contractors often use for installations.

Hardscape styling is about “light and shadow” in more ways than one.

The content above gives you a few simple ideas on how to complement any feature designed and built by the surfacing contractors here at TP Resin Driveways Ltd. Having gravel driveways, tarmac driveways and resin bond driveways laid, or being creative with block paving if you want to add one of our garden patios to a landscape, is only limited to your imagination when it comes to making additions that enhance a property’s curb appeal.

There is a reason why we are the dependable choice for new driveways and garden patios in East Grinstead, and our expert advice on adding more style to an installation can make all the difference to the eventual outcome.

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